Tuesday, November 21, 2017

not here

i'm here
but my mind's
a million miles away

it's tripping
along the sand
jumping over the cold waves
of the ocean

it's hiding
behind the tree
peering past the bright lights
of Christmas

it's looking
over the colours
falling through the brush strokes
of the paintings

natural wonders
and hidden dreams
old masterpieces
and new scenes

far away from here
grows my destiny

if only i was brave
to end

and begin again


Sunday, November 19, 2017


"i think the wind
finally stopped

it's like 45 degrees
out there

or something"

i can hear you
typing furiously

about one thing
or another

and i stop talking

and the silence
goes on and on

but i don't mind
because i'm used
to you

and the things
you do

and i know
that even though
it's quiet now

you'll be talking
a mile a minute
about something

soon as we're done
in ourselves

so far away
from each other


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

yes if no

yes if no
but then maybe

up if down
but then crazy

out if in
but then close by

off if on
but then ask why

maybe you'll find out



Tuesday, November 14, 2017

cranberry sauce

i love
the taste
of a good
cranberry sauce

i love
the memory
of the label
and the wave

i love
the sound
of escaped

when you
splooshed it
and shook it

in a cylinder
of red
in the fancy bowl

i love
the fact that
no one else
likes this
jellied mess
of originality

just me
and the ghost
of you

fork poised
for another bite




it was a wednesday
when you came
to visit

i lost my
bedside table

i lost most
of my pillows

i couldn't find
my good underwear

and everything
like bananas

didn't ask why

it was a thursday
when we had
the fight

you hid
in my office

you hid
all my socks

and nothing
could be done
without doritos

didn't ask why

it was a sunday
when you left me
at the airport

you hid
the tears in pocket

i lost
my head in clouds

and something
was said
in the silence

didn't ask what
didn't ask why



measuring up

you know
without saying

you hear
without talking

you try
without me knowing
you try

as the days
go by

i want you more
and more

but i can't get
close enough

to your perfection
to measure up

the small
in me shrinks

with every nothing
you say


Tuesday, November 7, 2017


i'm not going
to blame myself
for harsh words

if you don't get me
after all this time

then you'll never
truly understood me

i know that 
with every word
i say

destruction happens

i'm finally 
at the point where
it can't matter to me

if we can't be we
then we can't be 
each other

one to the other

when the world
is free

don't worry

in this whole scheme
of things

i never really 
was worth it