Saturday, June 17, 2017

too soon?

you have
that shine in your eyes

like she did
like she did

when you look at me

like she did 
like she did

you laugh
in that familiar tune

like she did
like she did

when you hear me holler
at the moon

...but is it too soon?

shouldn't i be immune
to love right now?

shouldn't i be living
in a tomb right now

with her?

sometimes all i
see is the her in you

it makes me want to run

like i did
like i did

when she first walked my way


Thursday, June 15, 2017

the limit

what happens 
when even just a little word

makes it all bad?

what does it mean
when just a movement

leads to sadness?

what was once 
has turned into
a chore

and what once 
was forever
is now 

it all changed
with goodbye
didn't it?

that was the limit
to happiness

and uncertainty


Sunday, June 11, 2017

the end

the end
can be like the beginning

sudden and

full of the spirit
that you once loved
(but grew to hate)

the parting
can be unnoticed

subtle and sustaining

a disintegration
that sneaks up on you
in your lonely night

the silence
can be like thunder

rumbling and

reminding you
how close you
once were

to the everything
that was
before he whispered



Saturday, June 10, 2017

too much

i can't flex
without hitting my head
on the ceiling

i'm too big
for this world

i can't think
without causing a commotion
in the room

i'm too bad
for this world

i can't tell you 
how i feel

show you 
what i see

let you in
on what becomes me

without tearing 
myself apart
in agony

i'm too real 
for you

i'm too dead
for me


in the dark

was ready
to let go

was ready
to break free
from me

for you

was hoping
i could bare my soul

however old

in hopes to
feel again

foolish heart
led me astray

to what i thought
was you

beckoning me on

now i sit
in darkness

a novelty
i'm used to

and yet
if you lit up

i'd follow

who knows

no butterfly
ever lasted
so long

so long
so long


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

british ways

i wanna be
like the british are

cultured and calm

sly eyed knowing

but it's hard
to measure up

when i can't metric

it's hard
to drive around

when i can't find
the lane i'm supposed
to be in

it's hard to imagine
the turmoils of

when i can't even
spend my last pound

without turning around

and going back for a

nothing's ordinary
about the british

(thank goodness!)


Sunday, May 28, 2017

sense memories

she walked out
in the misty rain

escaping from
the words and deeds
that had her swimming

the wind gently combed
through her hair
as if it were trying hard
to calm her down

she was crying again

and even though
everyone was ok
and even though
it was all talked out

she still was
stirred up
by the stupidest things

the accent of a stranger
that sounded so much
like his voice

the colour of a shirt
that she knew he had
in his closet

the smell of a tree
that reminded her
of his hygiene

neat and square
calm and strong
and clean

not at all like her

she walked slowly
through the blue
from above

lost in the spell of
the splatters and drops
before her

wondering when
the sun would come back
into her world

and when she 
could smile